Sophisticated . . . Audacious . . . Charismatic . . . Confident.  The spirit of a woman is captured in the exquisite craftsmanship of JOON. 


JOON celebrates the juxtaposition of femininity and strength. Distinctive in design, JOON creations are perfect for women who are sensitive and compassionate toward the world around them – yet are not afraid to make bold statements about themselves and the way they feel.


Every piece of JOON jewellery is created to gratify the senses and desires of modern women. She should feel the exquisitely designed ring mould sensuously around her finger; experience the caress of a finely crafted necklace around her neck; or be enchanted by a versatile earring-cum-pendant residing on her delicate ears.


Every JOON creation is a work of art inspired by the designer’s desire for expression and distinction; where the brilliance of the stones complements the richness of precious metals to embody the forces of nature, and the experiences and desires of a woman.


Because JOON dares to flaunt design conventions and challenge the boundaries of form and technique, a JOON creation is unmistakable and in a class of its own . . . a Creation of Desire for the woman who dares to express her style.