Joon Courtenay

Designer / Director







Joon Courtenay is a visionary. As an audacious 13-year-old growing up in her native Korea, she created her first jewelry piece - a Cleopatra-inspired snake bracelet. This first foray into self-expression was the seed that would become JOON, the luxury jewelry line created by Joon Courtenay.


A fine arts graduate, she is an ardent admirer of the masterpieces of Kandinsky, Vasarely and Van Gogh. Propelled by her desires as an individual, Joon set out to carve her own niche in the luxury jewelry industry. Her passion for life and her worldly experiences, coupled with her curiosity and eye for detail, fuel her unique design inspirations.


A jewelry lover and an artist, Joon continues to pursue perfection in jewelry craftsmanship that will surpass industry benchmarks.


For Joon Courtenay, jewelry is not just about diamonds, gold and precious stones. It is about self-discovery, passion and love. She revels in breaking the barriers of design conventions and challenging the boundaries of form and technique. Applying her intuitive understanding of women, Joon designs exquisite jewelry to drape naturally on a woman's body for a perfect fit.


Every JOON piece is a creation of desire - for the woman who dares to express her style.